Ethical Beekeeping & Sustainability

There are people that claim beekeeping is unethical and harms the bee population but is that true?

Nothing could be further from reality. Bees and beekeepers have a symbiotic relationship. Beekeepers care for their bees, giving them a home where they are safe and dry through bad weather, cold winters, parasites, and even attacks from bears. In return, honeybees are free to create an abundance of honey.

Honeybees ultimately produce much more honey than they actually consume. Beekeepers only take the surplus, ensuring they leave enough honey for the bees to survive the winter months. If they didn't, the hive would collapse and there would be no more honey. Beekeepers do everything in their power to make sure their bees are healthy and well taken care of.

Additionally, pollinating bees play a critical part in the food chain, therefore making it well worth the beekeeper’s efforts to protect them, while gathering their abundant and health-giving honey.

Though at times extremely arduous, Bee Flower & Sun Honey beekeepers take no shortcuts in providing pure raw honey straight from the hive, unadulterated with zero additives. Gathering honey is environmentally friendly and supportive of the honeybee in every way, because what is good for the honeybee is good for beekeepers, and good for the earth.

Bee Flower & Sun Honey doesn't stop there though in striving towards sustainability, firmly believing a superior quality and ethical product happens at every step of the process. By using premium recyclable glass and metal lids, along with biodegradable packing instead of Styrofoam in the packaging process, Bee Flower & Sun Honey is able to reduce the environmental impact of its product even further.

Healthy bees, healthy honey, healthy planet.

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