Buckwheat Blossom

Buckwheat Blossom

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Buckwheat honey comes from the buckwheat plant. It is our darkest honey and has a deep, rich flavor. Buckwheat honey has the highest antioxidant amount and has been a historical favorite for use as a medicinal honey, with powerful immune boosting and cough suppressant properties. 

Pure raw honey - unprocessed, unfiltered, and unpasteurized.

STAR-K Kosher certified.

American made since 1973.

We are a family owned and operated business and do our best to ship out your raw honey orders in a timely manner. All orders will typically ship in 2-3 days. Our raw honey ships in premium glass bottles to preserve its quality. All orders are packed with biodegradable peanuts instead of Styrofoam. These organic starch peanuts are FDA compliant and decompose in water, leaving no toxic waste behind.

From hive to you

One Taste Tells

Raw. Unpasteurized. Packed with flavor and nutrients. No value taken out. No additives put in. As Nature intended.

Nature's Superfood

Packed with nutrition and flavor including all the naturally occurring antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, as well as traces of wax, pollen, and propolis. One teaspoon of our honey can contain up to 48,000 grains of pollen.

Our raw honey works great to give you a quick boost of energy. Whether you're at the gym, the office, or journeying through the great outdoors, let Bee Flower & Sun Honey power you through the day.

As Nature Intended

Minor variations in flavor and appearance can occur due to raw honey being a natural and unprocessed product. Flavor is dependent on the wild flowers and plants bees forage from and can vary from batch to batch. Our raw honey will also naturally crystallize in a jar and solidify at lower temperatures. Rest assured, our quality guarantee remains consistent across all our honey. Our honey is never super heated and is only warmed to under 105 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate handling.

Don't take our word for it!


This is the best honey on the market. My family and I have been eating it for years. Its combination of quality and flavor is unbeatable!


Philadelphia, PA


Bee Flower and Sun Honey is the only honey my family has purhcased for as long as I can remember. Their honey is a must have in anyon'es kitchen and makes for a beautiful gift too.


New York, NY


The crystallized consistency proves how pure and raw it is, and the flavor- no other honey compares. My favorite is Star Thistle, so lightly sweet, but my husband loves Wildflower and our son prefers Blueberry. I give Clover as gifts to our neighbors for Christmas, and they love it!


Kintnersville, PA

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